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See Through Swimsuits

Beachwear fashion is getting bolder by the day. If you thought thongs and micros were enough to allure beach goers, you’d probably have to think twice.See through swimsuits are the latest in beachwear fashion. A see-through bikini has the capability to easily beat all the attires in terms of appeal. It would definitely extend your imagination beyond the limit. It is bare-all attire for women who want something extra of their regular bikinis, and who are bold enough to don something that has no secrets.

See-through swimsuits are made of fabrics that allow others to see right through your costume. Therefore, it’s not something you can wear just anywhere. You should definitely avoid wearing these attires in public swimming locations as it might be considered indecent. Adult-only vacations, personal pools, Jacuzzis and liberal beaches – nude and semi nude – are the places you could save your suit for.

A see-through swimsuit can be categorized based on the following parameters:

• Style and Coverage

Variety of styles and designs are available in a see-through suit. Bikini, monokini, bandeau, one piece, etc. could be styled as a see through. These styles could also be made more daring by adding a patch of see-through. When it comes to coverage, the triangular pieces of cloth used to cover the essential parts actually put more emphasis on them, drawing the focus of the observer.

• Fabric

These suits are created from different materials, though they all are intended to reveal. Based on the material used, they are further classified as:

1. Mesh: This type of bathing apparel will not give you an impression of a see-through swimsuit in the first look. It has an open interlaced pattern that permits sunlight through it, thus offering a degree of non-transparency when dry. Suits made of vinyl and metal mesh are also quite popular.
2. Translucent: This type of bathing suit – made of thin Lycra – is almost transparent when dry but becomes completely transparent when wet.
3. Transparent: This type of suit is the ultimate see-through apparel. Irrespective of its state – wet or dry – it offers no coverage at all. It is often made up of clear vinyl that provides a clear window to everything underneath. However, to make it more comfortable nylon is also used as an alternative.

Often people get confused between the terms ‘See-through swimsuits’ and ‘Sheer Swimsuits’. Sheer swimsuits can be considered as a close-cousin of see-through. However, there are a few differences that you need to know before purchasing either of them:

See-Through Suit:

• You can see through the fabric regardless of its state – wet or dry, color or pattern. It always reveals your skin and doesn’t make use of nude-colored fabric.
• If you wish to allow observer see-it-all while taking a sun-tan or having a bath on the beach, then this is the perfect swimsuit for you.
• The price of these swimsuits range from US $ 50 to US $ 70.

Sheer Suit:

• It is made up of a very thin fabric – Lycra or Nylon – that is enough to reveal the skin when it is wet. Actually, they do not reveal the skin underneath; they just create an illusion of revealing the skin, by making use of nude-colored fabric.
• If you wish to tease the observers and leave some things for them to imagine, then this is the perfect suit for you.
• The price of these swimsuits range from US $ 50 to US $ 70.

For those who are under the impression that the see-through bikinis are just for women, you are wrong. There are a variety of see-through swimsuits for men. These provide some coverage when dry but become completely transparent when wet. All those men who want to flaunt their assets can now get their hands on one of these at an average price of US $ 25.

Most of these see-through swimsuits can be bought from lingerie or adult stores. They are also available on the internet for a relatively cheap price. But keep in mind your size before purchasing one online.

Maintaining most of these swimsuits is easy. However, you might need to take care of the delicate mesh fabric while washing as it would be nearly impossible to fix a hole.

The see-through swimsuit market is growing by the day and new varieties of stocks are coming in. Many swimwear designer brands have also started to include see-though patterns in their swimsuit collections.

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